When your child is ready to move from a crib to a bed, there are many kinds of furniture for kids to choose from. Depending on your needs, you can choose a bed with a unique theme to spark your child's imagination, daybeds and bunk beds that can be put together in different ways, or a full bedroom set that will last until your child is an adult.

Here are some pointers for selecting long-lasting children's bedroom furniture.

Look for Quality Materials and Construction

Durable materials and sturdy construction are important considerations when buying children's furniture. This is because well-made children's furniture is safer and more likely to withstand repeated use. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has rules about furniture safety that name-brand children's bedroom furniture should follow. Look for hardwood solids for durability and safety features such as guardrails.

Choose the Right Bed Size and Type

Bed sizes for children's furniture range from cribs to twin and full-size beds. A twin bed may be appropriate for a younger child, whereas an older child will most likely prefer a full-size bed.

There are different sizes and shapes of loft and bunk beds that can give you the flexibility you need. Some loft beds include a second bed on casters below. Themed beds can keep your child busy and inspire them to play creatively for a long time.

 Look for Storage

Plenty of storage is key to keeping your child's room neat and organized. With the way furniture is made today, it's easy to find children's bedroom furniture that has the storage space you need. There will be plenty of storage options for toys for the little ones and electronics and school supplies for older children. Find under-bed storage drawers and loft beds with shelving and drawer storage.

Pick a Style

From romantic bedroom furniture for girls to rustic tables with a rugged appearance for boys, you can find the perfect furniture for your child. For a classic girl's room, look for Victorian-inspired pieces in all white, and for boys, look for casual wood furniture with an appealing finish. The sleek lines of today's contemporary designs can also be found in children's bedroom furniture.

Add Needed Pieces

If you buy a bedroom set for your child and find that their needs change as they get older, you can add to the basic set with other pieces. A bedroom set for a child may include a bed, a dresser, a nightstand, and a mirror. Many name-brand collections include matching articles, such as desks, chests of drawers, and bookcases, for added storage and functionality.

Name Brand Ferris  Furniture

Ferris furniture stores in India and Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow) have the right kids' bedroom furniture. When you go to the store to look for kids' furniture, you will see an elaborate showroom with beautifully displayed furniture from name brands.

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