The living room is a special place in the house where we can unwind with the family, entertain guests, and spend our alone time. Many of us are spending more time at home and taking a fresh look at the living room. Now that the living room has taken on a more critical role in our lives, it's time to modernise it and make it the welcoming space it deserves.

Fortunately, some minor changes can make a significant difference. Here are some living room decorating ideas to spruce up your favourite room in the house.

Plan Enough storage

Even if the decor is spectacular, a messy, cluttered living room is not appealing. Enough storage space is easy to keep your living room neat and organised.A multifunctional cocktail table with storage and a stylish console or buffet can help keep the living room organised. If your living room serves as an entertainment space, invest in an entertainment unit to house electronics and games.

Bring the Outside In

Indoor greenery is more popular than ever before. Find a suitable location for lush indoor plants and enjoy bringing nature into your home. Another way to bring the outside in is to use natural-coloured rugs and wallpaper with natural patterns and colours. Open your shades and door coverings to the outside, especially if you have a nice view.

Add a Touch of Excitement

Textures and colours can add interest to your neutral decor. Maximalism is currently popular, possibly reacting to the recent trend of calming, neutral colours and minimalistic design. It's time for something new and exciting.

If over-the-top maximalism isn't your thing, play with textures, patterns, and colours to soften the sleek lines of contemporary furniture and a predictable neutral colour palette. Rugs are an excellent way to add style to your living room. Add some fun details to the mix with artisan pieces made with traditional techniques.

Ramp Up the Style

Change out your sofa for a fashionable Chesterfield, or add a pair of stately wing chairs if you have the space. Incorporating beautiful accent pieces that showcase your personality and good taste is another way to add more style to your living room.

Accent chairs and cocktail tables look great against a background of neutral sofas. A stunning tagre or stylish recliner in a sumptuous leather upholstered fabric can also add a touch of elegance.

Perk Up the Room with an Accent Piece

To impress your guests in the living room, bring a spectacular accent piece to liven up the space. Choose a dramatic linear electric fireplace with dancing flames to create a focal point that will impress you and your family. A stunning free-standing bar with a brass rail and artwork can also make a powerful style statement.

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