Have you ever wished you could hit the "Refresh" button to give your space a quick and easy update? You are not alone! Read on for six tips on how to quickly change the look of any room with accessories and other home decor. Here, we'll share what we learned from talking to our designers, polling our stylists, and looking through our showroom archives. We'll break down all the important steps for choosing and styling pillows, rugs, lighting, window treatments, wall art, mirrors, and more.

How to Use Accessories to Update Your Home

It's all about finding the perfect accessories to decorate your home after you've chosen the right furniture, and carefully curating those special 'finds'… over time. There's no way to rush this process. Because what comes after—editing and styling—becomes your personal stamp, your signature, and they speak to how you use lighting, rugs, mirrors, and other elements to set the mood.

  • Replace your pillows and add a warm throw! Accent pillows, throw pillows, and a beautiful throw can make or break a room. Ferris Furniture offers a variety of pillow shapes and sizes that can be customised with hundreds of fabrics in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures.
  • To define your space, use an area rug. The right rug can define a room or sitting area, and it can even set the colour scheme for your entire home. A solid or patterned area rug can be used to complement various design styles, furniture choices, and wall colors. Rugs inspire us to experiment with different colour palettes. Textures and ornate patterns add visual interest and collaborate with other décor elements to create a one-of-a-kind and interesting look. Look for a medium pile or shag that is machine woven or hand tufted.
  • Window treatments help to define a space. Custom or not, window shades and blinds are important for framing a spectacular view, concealing a less-than-spectacular view, diffusing or blocking sunlight, providing privacy, improving acoustics, or simply providing energy efficient insulation. Every story is set against the backdrop of window treatments. They soften the stark rectangular shapes of windows when you want a cosy look.
  • Wall art allows you to express your individual style. The right wall art decor can draw attention to a room's natural features, define the look, set a tone, and exude your personality. Change your appearance, and you change your mood. Ferris Furniture offers a variety of ways to add a personal touch to any room in your home, including tapestries, wall hangings, framed and unframed prints.
  • Mirrors provide depth. Decorative mirrors have the ability to add a magical quality to any room. And who doesn't adore the way they refract light in your living space? Mirrors, which are refined and adaptable, redefine the spatial boundaries of a room. A well-chosen floor mirror can add much-needed character and sophistication to a room. Mirrors have a way of making small spaces appear larger. They're ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms, family rooms, and foyers. Wall mirrors can dress up a space while adding depth and character to smaller rooms. A horizontal wall mirror reflecting simple candlelight or a sparkling chandelier benefits even a small dining room.
  • Lighting can be used to set the tone. When you layer different lighting sources in a room, you can use one or many to achieve a different feel. One for reading in peace, and many for playing games with the kids or "grands." Nothing beats proper lighting for elevating your mood and creating a warm, inviting environment for family and guests. Lighting has the ability to calm us down and envelop us in its warm embrace. At Ferris Furniture, you'll find a wide range of lighting options, including lamps, pendants, and more, all carefully selected by our design team for their beauty, functionality, and value.

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Turn to pillows and throws, rugs, lighting, window treatments, wall art, and magic-making mirrors the next time you want to refresh your space quickly and easily. Even easier, simply visit your local Ferris Furniture store to find everything you need to personalize your space.

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